Sunday, September 6, 2009

computer wiz?

Since the little man knew how to play an educational game on my computer he thinks he owns it. He does let me use the computer when I have to but only for a short while. Although he does not stay in it longer than what he is supposed to he still has to make sure that nobody is using it. Anyway, learning to play games and knowing that all he has to do is click the icons and a whole new world opens for him, he is experimenting. I told him not to do things like that when I am not with him but he still tries to. The result? The computer stalls. With a hundred windows open what computer wouldn't? It ranges from the Yahoo homepage to messenger to finance to the latest news and a lot of other things. Sometimes he even types words and letters on the search bar that I will not be surprised if he ends up with key man insurance on the results page. He is inquisitive and resourceful to say the least. But when the computer stalls he runs to his father and says it happened again which means he made the computer stall. That also means he has to stop with his game until Mama tells him it is okay to resume which happens the next day, lol. He is learning though and as long as we get it through his head that he can only open sites we agree on then we think he will be fine. The good thing about this online game is that he never watches television shows anymore. He apparently thinks it is too much. Or maybe the game is enough.

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