Sunday, September 20, 2009

boxes and boxes

We have moving boxes stashed in the little man's closet. It was hidden from his view for a long time until recently when we started boxing up stuff we do not use often. He knew where the boxes are and he never left them alone after that. He wants to get one out and play with it and when he gets tired of it he wants to get another box. It always ends up in an argument between me and him because I am not fond of getting a box taller and wider than me in and out of a small closet. The husband says to give in to his son. Easy for him to say since he is not the one who has to do all the hard work. I guess it is fine if the boxes have designs pleasing to the eye because I can just pretend I am looking at a cardboard display but it is brown and dull looking. I went ahead and transferred most of the boxes somewhere he (and his father) will not even think of looking. Of course I will have to tell the husband when it is time for us to move since we do need the boxes for our clothes and other things that need to be boxed up.

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