Sunday, August 2, 2009

welcome to the family

Meet Teddy, the new addition to our family. The husband and I accepted him as part of our growing family last night when he slept beside him in bed to keep him warm while the little man waited for Mama to finish her nightly routine. He was comfortably ensconced by the husband's back that my heart melted when I saw him. It was not because of Teddy himself but because of the action our little boy did. He could not snuggle his father so he had to relegate it to Teddy while he waited for the most important person that was me, lol. Welcome to the family, Teddy. I really thought you will end up in the bin but I am glad somebody discovered your value. I know you will have to spend a lot of nights in bed with the little man. Keep him warm and safe okay?

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Unknown said...

wow..welcome Teddy..lumalaki na talaga family ah..cute naman ng stuff toy..