Monday, August 17, 2009


About two months ago, with the husband's permission, I upgraded my phone. I did it not because there was something wrong with my phone. I just wanted something new. We were eligible for an upgrade anyway so I went ahead and chose the phone I liked. The good thing about it was that after all discounts the phone was free. We only had to pay for shipping which was less than $15. Good deal! Anyway, since I have had my old phone for almost two years, I had a lot of names on my contacts. The thought about typing each and every number was tiresome. I had a choice of a free online backup to save my contacts for a few dollars but I did not avail. It would have been easier since I can just import my list to my new phone but I do not want any addition to our bill since the husband runs out of minutes all the time which is pretty expensive when added up. It left me with the first option which was typing all numbers one by one. It took me two days to do it, on and off. I decided to not include some numbers especially those that I do not communicate often. Next time though if I have the money I might reconsider the second option. It should save me time.

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