Saturday, August 29, 2009

shopping for electronics

I am looking for a portable DVD player I can get for the little man. He loves to watch his educational DVDs so this will be a good item to purchase for him. This might also be good for long trips just in case we will go on one. I know he loved his cousin's portable DVD when he got to use it. It maybe a nice birthday gift for him come October. When I was searching online to compare prices though I got on the Circuit City website. I thought it was closed already but apparently its online store is still operating. Anyway, I am still looking. I might just go ahead and buy one at when I have enough money saved up. The latter is a better option for me since I always use Paypal when I purchase products online and has that option. I already found one within the range I am willing to pay. The next step will be saving money so I can buy one before the little man turns three.

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