Monday, August 24, 2009

life saver

There were times when I was growing up that I had problems with my eyesight. It was from too much reading with not enough light. I was only allowed to read late at night when I am studying but I sneaked and read paperbacks. If I could not use the lamp to read, I used flashlight and read under the cover until I got busted. But anyway, reading without ample lighting made my eyesight bad. It started getting blurry so I thought it might just be irritated from dust. Mother bought eyedrops because she will not use even the best eye creams on me without prescription. And it was expensive to go to the eye doctor so home remedy was used. It worked for a while but it came to a point where it got so bad so my parent gave me money so I could go to the doctor while I was in college. I was told my eyesight was bad and that I needed to wear eyeglasses anymore. The first time I wore my glasses I was so amazed at how clear everything was. I knew that my eyesight was bad but I did not know it was that bad. I have been wearing one since then and it may be annoying sometimes but I will not part with it. Of course I also have my assortment of eyedrops and eye creams from my eye doctor in case I will need them.


Buggys said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. It's so hard to see your children getting their feelings hurt!

poray said...

It is and what makes it so bad is when they only wanted to play in the first place.