Saturday, August 8, 2009

i see a...

This has become like a game to the little man. Whenever he sees something he knows, he shouts I see a and then proceeds naming what he saw. Every time we cross the bridge to get the next city he shouts I see a boat! And says it over and over until he sees something else like a car, a sign, or a store. It is funny because even when we are at home he points at things and asks me Do you see a clock? and when I reply and ask him if he does he says Yes, there is the clock with a finger pointing at it. He does this with basically everything inside the house. Sometimes he asks me if I see his daddy and when I pretend I don't he laughs and says there he is. He is very talkative and I am loving it. He is learning new things each day and he seems to be interested in books and singing which the husband takes as good signs. We want him to explore new things and learn along the way. I don't care acting goofy, singing off-key and answering his silly questions as long as I make him happy. He is such a joy when he is being good :)

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