Thursday, August 20, 2009


I woke up the other day with a smile when my little boy ran to my side of the bed (he had been up a while) saying Mama! several times. He is so sweet. He calls his father daddy and sometimes in his excitement calls me that too. So when he did call me Mama while looking at me in the eyes there was no doubt it was me he was calling :) He has been practicing it seems since the other day he climbed up in bed with his father calling him daddy several times. It could be that he now knows the difference.

Yesterday he started saying Grandma for some reason. I don't know where he got the word from because although I told him he has grandparents in Leyte he only sees them in the pictures and his grandma in Indiana we only get to see once a year since he was born. But he was saying grandma over and over again and when we were out and he saw older women he yells Grandma! which was a bit embarrassing. This is when I am grateful he is not into pointing a finger at anything he sees. He only says what he think it is he saw and never points a finger especially in public. Thank goodness! At least now he knows what to call his grandma when he sees her. As for his grandma in the Philippines I will insist on him calling her Lola.

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