Thursday, August 27, 2009

good boy

Lately, the little man has been acting really good. I mean, he has not thrown any fits for a while and whenever I tell him to pick something up or hand me an item he always does it with no complaints. The husband is happy and proud. He said his little boy is being so good and so he tries to give in to whatever the little man wants. I am thinking, what is he up to? I can't help it, lol. I have seen him be so good you feel like giving him an award and then turns around and be a little terror in the blink of an eye. I surmised it must be because he is getting older? He understands us better and he can communicate with us through words instead of gibberish. Or maybe because his birthday is coming up and he wants more toys from Daddy? We don't know. Regardless of the reason though we are happy he is being good and we hope he will continue to be an agreeable child. And healthy. And hopefully I will not jinx myself by posting it here :)

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