Wednesday, August 12, 2009

getting in shape

After giving birth to her first child, my cousin gained a lot of weight. When she got pregnant with the second baby she kept on gaining weight that she is so big anymore. Compared to her svelte figure when she was single she really is huge right now. She is doing something about it though. She said she does not want people to think she is her kids' nanny so she is going to the gym. We used to make fun of ourselves that if we keep on gaining weight we will look like old haggard women and she said before it happens she is planning on getting trim. She already enrolled on a gym and is going everyday. I on the other hand searched for best weight loss supplements until I found one I liked. You might wonder why I did not enroll on a gym but it is really simple, I don't have money to spare on membership, lol. It is expensive here where I am at. I can't leave the little man with his father because the latter is not able to take care of the former so we are stuck at home. I am not complaining though. I know someday this will change and we will be able to do things we can't right now. I just have to watch what I eat (good luck to me on that, lol) and do some exercises when I have the time. I hope for her own sake that my cousin will get trim because I know this is what she wants.

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