Thursday, July 2, 2009


When I went to the store today I noticed that the ten dollar bill that I swiped from the husband yesterday was gone. I knew I did not buy anything before going to the store so there was only one culprit and that was the little man who got hold of my wallet earlier in the day. I saw him throwing my bank cards in the couch while he kept the business cards in his hands. I took everything from him, or so I thought until I noticed a piece of paper where I wrote down reminders was missing. I did not notice the money was gone until I went to the store. I told the husband I had to look for whatever else the little man got from my wallet because I did not know what else was missing. I am glad I did because when I found the ten dollar bill I also found my social security card with it along with that piece of paper I knew was missing. Guess where I found the most important document? In his alphabet truck. There is a slot on top where he can drop these rectangular shape plastic with letters in it and I was in the process of putting more letters when I saw the tip of the bill and when I opened the side of the truck I saw my card. I took the card and the money (of course) but the husband thought he should replace it with a one dollar bill which is still in the truck as of this post. The little man took it out and put it back in along with his other treasures. It is a good thing I did not know that the card was missing or I would have freaked out and raised hell while looking for it, lol. As it is, I am happy that I have found what I was (and was not looking for) and the little man did not throw it away or tear it up. The incident today made me think about buying him a plastic piggy bank or a wallet so he will have a place for anything he thinks important.

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