Sunday, July 5, 2009


Once upon a time, the little man used my laptop as his writing pad. This was how it looked.

This afternoon I lied down with him in the bed where I ended up taking a nap while he ran around free. When I woke up, his father showed me this:

He probably thought he would have a much bigger place to scribble if he does it on the wall so he did. This is in his room so in case mama will inspect she will not see it right away especially since she can't see good without her eyeglasses. I still have to ask him who or what was in his mind when he did this. Now I am glad I never listened to the husband when he asked me to give his son the washable markers I bought for him weeks ago. I now have more to clean before we move. This after I had to scrub blots of ink off the carpet (which thankfully was water-based). These two pretty much keep me on my toes I wonder why I am not losing weight, lol.


kikamz said...

how old is jt now? i guess i will have to get ready when my little one starts to scribble her way into our walls too! getting washable markers is indeed one great idea. thanks for the tip!

poray said...

He is two, the age when everything is either a no or a no, lol.