Thursday, July 30, 2009


The last time I talked to my brother he delegated me to buy our parents' request for him to get when he is ready to go home. He said it would be better for me to buy the skin care products and assortment of colognes and perfumes that they specifically asked him to buy. I thought, sure, it couldn't be that hard. When I checked on the store where the colognes are to be bought, I am ready to hand the responsibility back to him. Goodness, the colognes are expensive! According to my standard that is. He should just go ahead and buy it for them. It is his fault anyway for making them get used to this particular brand. I don't care to buy the skin care products since I have been sending them these when we get a balikbayan box ready for them. The husband normally picks the brand to put in the box and my parents always appreciate his effort. And it seems like they like the husband's choice on things better than mine. Now I have to save to buy what they want so we can send the items together with other things on a box in a few weeks.

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