Wednesday, July 1, 2009

pop it

The husband gets crazy when he sees or feels a bump in his face. He either pops it himself or asks me to do it for him. It does not matter what it is he wants it popped. I told him I know from experience it would be better to just leave them alone especially if it is a zit but as you can tell, he has other ideas. It is easier to pop blackheads. It is just dirt and it comes off without pain or discomfort. Even my nieces back in Leyte used to do it for my brother (for a fee of course, lol). I don't know anybody who does not know how to get rid of blackheads because it is easy to do. It is spotting them that is hard but once you know the spot all you have to do is have the right tool to do it. Of course it feels a lot better if a professional will do it but then it comes with a fee. So one has to make a decision.

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