Monday, July 20, 2009

on life insurance

A friend's aunt lost her husband because of cancer just a few months ago. She was devastated because he was a good man and he treated her well but such is life. We cannot tell when we are going and so it is best that we get prepared for our family's sake. Which was what the husband who died did. He had a life insurance policy with the wife as the beneficiary and she got a hefty amount after his death. It is heartwarming to think that even then he already was thinking about her well being. She should be fine for years to come as long as she is smart with her finances.

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kittykat said...

Hi dear..salamat sa comment ha..i appreciate it..but i think i should stop na..hindi ko na siya papatulan..she's just a waste of time and energy..

btw..added you in my fave site list..