Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i see a star!

This is what the little man said when I asked him what he saw on a bowl where the newly baked bread (it was still in the oven) was to be put. He was told not to play in the kitchen but this little terror could not help but stay where he is not supposed to. He dumped the shape in there and was so happy with what he did that when I asked he was ready to answer. I could not get mad with him for doing that. He was being cooperative, lol. You see, it is seldom when this little boy would answer me in complete sentences. It is always one or two words and I want to hear him talk more. So what I do is I encourage him to do something where he will be more interactive. I did explain to him that he was not to do that again because it is not safe for him to stay in the kitchen when Mama is cooking. He seemed to understand but who knows if he will do it? What I learned from raising this little boy is that there is nothing definite when it comes to dealing with him. What works today might not tomorrow. I will just have to make sure he is watched all the time to avoid any incidence.

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