Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The stepson's insurance was due a few days ago. Since him and his wife are teenagers, their premium is high. We have been paying his car insurance up to last January when he got married and moved out to live with his wife. He is working right now and is supposed to be getting good pay from his employer that we are not worried about his car insurance payment. For the first time, he paid it with his own money. But his payment is only good for one month because he does not want to get broke. He said he will pay enough for six months, which was what we did when we paid for his insurance, when he gets his paycheck. The husband offered his son to search online for a cheap coverage since he thinks it is too much to pay seven hundred dollars for six months for two cars. What he found online was about the same amount the stepson is paying with his insurance company right now. He visited different insurance providers to get the best quote but he did not come up with anything substantial. He even arrived at a website about Tacoma car accident lawyer with his search. He had to make sure he searched everywhere but the stepson as I said is a teenager so there was no way his premium would be lowered. I am hoping he will go ahead and pay his insurance for six months like he plans to do because it saves him money and it also is responsibility he does not have to worry about for the next few months.

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