Thursday, June 4, 2009


A lot of people, including the husband, has been asking me when will I get pregnant again. They are wondering since the little man will be three years old in a couple of months and they said I am still young (ahem!) so it is high time for me to get pregnant if I still have plans. I do have plans of getting pregnant again. I want a girl next time if I have a choice. There are things I have to consider before getting pregnant though. One of them is that the husband is recently disabled so he can't help me take care of the kids especially if it requires lifting and running after the little man. I had CS operation last time so it might happen again. And prior to that I had a very uncomfortable pregnancy especially the first four months. I was assured by a few moms like me that it is highly unlikely I will experience that again but I can't help being skeptical. And I also have to consider the needs the new baby will require like formula, clothes, disposable diapers, and the most important factor, its future. With the husband sick and me without work, what are we going to do with a new baby? Of course we are still hoping for the best. Miracles do happen. Maybe the husband will feel better and even if he cannot run after the little man he can still keep an eye on him provided the little man will behave. Perhaps next year when the little man will be four and hopefully will start to mind I might get pregnant again. I actually only have a few years and I will not be considered young anymore, lol. And maybe, just maybe, we will win the lottery so the kids' future will be financially secure. Does it sound like I have major problem? Not really. I am just waiting for the perfect time, that's all.

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