Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The little man is getting sillier every day. He wants to act like a big boy. He makes this funny voice where he thinks he mimics his father's voice whenever he asks for milk. It turns out like he is trying to scare us, lol. The other day he put on his father's tennis shoes and walks around wearing it like a goof. Imagine a size 11 shoes on a two year old boy? It was hilarious! He followed his father around too with a silly smile in his face like he had done something monumental. It seemed like he can't wait to grow up. Although he is a handful most of the time, I do enjoy being with him. He makes me laugh, he annoys me, he makes me proud. Even the husband could not help but wonder about this little terror we have. We love our little boy and we hope he will continue to bring happiness to us.

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