Sunday, June 28, 2009

sharing dreams

The husband always talks to his sister on the phone. They talk about anything from family ancestors to their kids to future plans even dreams and hopes. Both have went through tough times because of their older kids too. They have a lot in common and they even have the same outlook on some things in life. I talk to her too from time to time. The other day they talked about living in the country where one can enjoy days of peace and quite. They talked about a home with a basement with plenty of bathrooms and exquisite copper sinks and buying dogs and having the property fenced in. It was fun listening to their conversation. Yes, they let me listen if I want to. In fact if I don't get everything the husband tells me about it. It is their way of de-stressing I guess. These two deserves more. If only I can give them what they want to make them happy I will. I can pray that their wishes and dreams come true. And to let them know I will be here when they need me.

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