Wednesday, June 24, 2009

playing together

I babysat the stepdaughter's kids this morning since she had a doctor's appointment. The little man and I went to her house and I let the kids play together and was surprised that they got along fine. I have watched these two in action and they used to fight over toys that I was prepared for the worst. Imagine my surprise when they sat side by side and play. There were even times when they play together. Of course they had to fight over a toy or two (I would have been disappointed if they did not, lol.) but all in all I had fun watching them. There were no pushing or biting or screaming. The little girl had to stay in her playpen so she will not get run over by her uncle and her brother but she was happy with the occasional attention they gave her. I am supposed to babysit them tomorrow since the mom has another appointment, this time to the dentist so she will bring the kids over. I hope it will be the same thing between the boys. Maybe these two are just happy to be with another kid basically the same age.

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