Saturday, June 13, 2009

on mails

Sometimes when I open my email I get all kinds of junk mails. I don't know how to make them stop sending emails I don't read. Some are subtle while others are blunt about what the email contains. There are even emails from dating websites which the husband asked me what I was doing about, emails offering jobs from Google which should make me earn hundreds of dollars in so short a time (I wish!) and of course the untiring scam emails about me being an heiress (does that sound good!) from somebody from a land so far away. There are occasional emails I read though especially if it concerns important topics as mesothelioma or information about my two year old son, or the sales that my favorite stores are having. Still I would like to be able to control what I see in my inbox but I don't think I can do that considering my email is from yahoo and it is free. I should just get used to this I guess.


Shu Fen said...

Hahaha! I share your agony!

I hate it when people keep IGNORANTLY circulate hoax emails around until I get like multiple copies of every hoax email.


I was so pissed once, I wrote a long post about it! XD



Vicissitudes of Life

poray said...

I don't think forwarding hoax emails is ignorance, the sender probably just wants other people to get annoyed like him. Payback! lol. I hate emails which contains "facts" yet do not have anything to support it. If only I can control what gets in my inbox.