Saturday, May 2, 2009

where was bubby?

When the husband woke up this morning, he checked on his son like he normally does when the little man is not sleeping with us. He panicked when he did not see him in his room. He went to the living room yelling at me that his son was not in his bed. I got up and found them in the living room. Apparently, the little man woke up and instead of climbing up to bed with us, decided to stay in the couch alone. That was a first. He normally wakes us up especially me who always gets up later than everybody else. The husband said I must have hurt the little man's feeling when I transferred him to his bed in the middle of the night so he did not want to be with us. I felt guilty especially when I noticed that he was running a fever. He was so quiet which was not normal. He was back to his bubbly self after I gave him his medicine and his bath though. I hope he will continue to feeling better. It still bugged me why he did not come to me when he knew he was not feeling good though.

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