Thursday, May 21, 2009

wake up call

We let the little man sleep with us last night mainly because his father wanted him to. This has been a cause of slight argument because I don't want the little man to get used to sleeping with us all the time. He did good for two years sleeping in his own bed where he only slept with us when he was not feeling good so I figured he should continue that habit. Well, his father has another idea so I let them be. As long as they promise me they will not hog the bed like they always do. They always keep that promise or else one has to go back to his room in his own bed. Now, I am not a monster mom or anything. I love to snuggle the little man but I don't want him to be too dependent on us. He is a boy after all, he has to be tough to conquer monsters under his bed :)

Anyway, so we let him sleep with us. About six in the morning I felt him crawl over me to get out of bed. I was still so sleepy I could not open my eyes so I went back to snuggle with the husband. I heard the little man talking (presumably to himself) and then the husband's phone rang. It was real loud on a very quiet, very early morning. The husband answered the phone groggily only to realize it was his two year old son calling. It was hilarious! The husband's reaction was so funny that I ended up laughing when I learned the identity of the caller. He handed the phone to me and said talk to your son. For some reason this little boy knows what button to push to call his father's cellphone. He was using mine which I left on the entertainment center. He gave me my phone back after he got what he wanted, which is to wake Mama up. Isn't he clever? I should be annoyed but not all two year olds wake their parents up with a call, lol. This has become a habit of his, waking up early in the morning even before the sun is up. Hopefully he will be like this when he starts school.

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