Friday, May 29, 2009

relaxing day

Today we went to the beach to let the little man play. I had swimsuit underneath my shorts and top and I got to laze for a little tan. It was a relaxing stay in the beach. I did not have to raise my voice since the little man came back whenever he saw he was getting farther away from us. The times he got carried away playing with the lifeguard marker I just went to him and guided him back to where his father was sitting. He even just waved at the girls who passed, did not even try to follow them. And wonder of wonders, he did not fight me when it was time to go home. He walked with me and took his shower with a smile. It was not stressful at all, unlike our previous visits. I promised him as long as he is a good boy when we go to the beach Mama will go with them even if it means going every other day. I will too as long as he is good and not make me look like a bad parent when he starts screaming when we have to leave. I hope I will not jinx myself by posting it here but I love it when the little man acts like a big boy instead of a tantrum throwing toddler.

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