Tuesday, May 19, 2009

on working and getting a job

The husband and I talked that when we move to live near his relatives I will try to look for a job. I am not picky and since this will be my first (hopefully) job then I will apply on grocery stores or at the mall. It is for the experience and the money as well. I really want to work and if we will be near relatives I am sure there will be somebody willing to babysit the little man. I have to wait for my high school diploma though since I am not sure if my transcript of record will be accepted being from another country. One of our plan is for me to go back to school when we are financially able. Anyway, back to the subject of work, it will be a new experience for me if and when it happens. I am not sure if I will know how to handle the POS systems but I will try to do it. I am already excited. After years of being at home I can finally experience a different world. It is not that I don't love my family but I want to grow as a person even if I start at the bottom. Perhaps explore a career in the future. The little man will start going to school in two years. As for the husband, he is hesitant to let me work but I think I can just persuade him. He supports me with my plans and I think he might want me to get out of his hair every once in a while :D

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