Monday, May 25, 2009

a little help

Now that I have started a work out regime every day (if I don't feel lazy, lol) I am feeling better about myself. Fifteen to thirty minutes of working out no matter how light is still better than sitting in my butt all day. The little man is trying to help by yelling steps at me but he also runs up to me to get my attention which makes me lose track of what I was doing. We are a pair aren't we? Anyway, now that I am doing a little to help my metabolism I feel hungry most of the time. Bad, eh? I thought that when I work out losing weight will be automatic but how could it be when I tend to overeat? It does defeat the purpose of working out because this way I might gain more weight instead of losing it. What I need right now is an appetite suppressant then couple it with my little exercise and I think I will be set. I am really looking forward to losing a few pounds and use my pre pregnancy clothes. I hope the weighing scale will cooperate as well, lol. Let's wait and see.

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