Monday, May 4, 2009

it runs in the family

I just realized recently that acne problem runs in the family considering that I have a few cousins who are suffering from the embarrassment of having red bumps in their faces. I suffered from acne years ago and my brother still has episodes where he gets it every now and then. A nephew I talked to the other day said he was even taking acne pills which his dermatologist prescribed for him. I did know that his face looked bad due to acne but I did not know he had to take pills. Even the husband said he did take them when he was younger which I did not believe at first because his face is smooth and there are no scars or signs that it was once littered with acne unlike my face which shows that once upon a time it was infected bad. I hope the little man will not suffer from acne though. It is embarrassing especially to a teenager.

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