Friday, May 15, 2009

come back!

The little man is getting more and more talkative. He still talks to himself a lot with hand gestures and facial expressions to match. He calls me Mommy when he needs something important or if he wants to wake me up in the mornings. He calls his father Dada still and keeps on aggravating him with his yells of No! and running around in the house screaming his frustration when things don't go his way. The entertainment I get from these two is priceless, lol. Anyway, the little man is not afraid to let us know what he feels. The other day we went to the drugstore to buy something the husband needs and we decided that he go in while the little man and I wait for him in the car. When the little man saw his father about to get in the store he started yelling No, come back! and kept on repeating it over and over again and did not quit until his father was back in the car. All my explanations were for nothing. He was clearly in distress knowing that his father went in the store without us. It aggravates me at times the way he acts but I know he is just letting us know how he feels and this is the way he deals with it right now.

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