Monday, May 25, 2009

"big boy" cup

The little man is now switching from sippy cup to real cup. He informed me he is ready for the switch when he started dumping his milk on the disposable cup his father left in the kitchen counter. So I have been giving him liquids in a "big boy" cup ever since. He is loving it. He holds the cup with one hand even if I told him to use both. He figures if Mommy and Dada can do it then why can't I. I am still afraid he will spill juice or milk in the carpet so I keep an eye on him that way I can clean up the mess before the carpet is stained. He still gets accidents which he is not proud of. He gets embarrassed by his actions some times but I told him it is normal and he will get the hang of it soon. This boy may be a handful sometimes but I have never had a problem with him when it comes to switching from baby to "big boy" stuff. He is more than ready to do it on his own. Sometimes I worry too much when he does not really have problems with it. I guess I am just not ready for my little boy to grow up so quick especially since he is the independent kind. I also have to feel like I am needed you know? Lol.

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