Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wide hips?

The husband told me the other day that my hip was getting wider. He claimed he was shocked when he saw it, lol. How he just realized I am getting wider, beats me. I have been complaining to him about gaining weight but it seemed like he thinks I am just fishing for compliment. Well, he does not seem to like it to which I told him he has to get used to it because I actually like my hips to be wider, lol. My hips have always been narrow since I was a teenager that I envy girls with wide hips and now that I am achieving it the husband may not be all for it. Tough for him, huh? I am not worried about my hips at all. It is my tummy area I am worried about because of all the sagging skin and fat. I can't wear tight fitting shirts anymore because it bulges on all the wrong places. I told him I am ready to take appetite suppressants so I will not eat too much but he said he does not think it is the best solution. He wants me to exercise! Waahh! It is a lot of hard work. Why can't I just do the easy way out? I have better be good at convincing so I will get to keep my hips and at the same time take something to help me to not overeat.

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