Thursday, April 23, 2009

water baby

Water baby. That is how the husband calls his son. It can be freezing outside but if there is a body of water even if it is only a puddle, he will take his chance of being scolded and runs straight to it. We have been having problems walking on the beach because he gets in the water all the time so we decided to give in to his want and let him play for hours. Good thing it was warm today so I did not worry about him getting a cold. We thought once he had his fill he will be good and not scream bloody murder when it was time to go. Well, we thought wrong. He kicked and screamed all the way to the shower but it was not as bad as the previous episodes so I guess it was still worth the effort :) We will try to do this as often as possible and hope that he will get tired of being in the water and will eventually be good so we can do our usual walks while his father looks on. As usual, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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