Monday, April 6, 2009


Instead of calling me Mama or mom, my son calls me Poway instead. It is his father's fault, lol. He taught the little man my nick name which is Poray and now the obnoxious little boy calls me Poway all the time. It is cute to hear him say the word and I laughed the first time I heard it. I know my parents will be annoyed at me for letting my son call me like this but the husband and I are not traditionalist. We will let our kids call us whatever they want to as long as they are comfortable with it. It is against my parent's and other people's belief but it is our life and so we make the decisions. Although I am still hoping he will call me Mama. Perhaps when he is ready :)


Jes said...

ahahah cute =) dnt worry tatawagin k dng mama nya esp kung lagi nmn naririnig ehehe =)

poray said...

i doubt it girl kasi matigaw ulo ng anak ko mana sa tatay lol