Monday, April 27, 2009


While I was at the store earlier I found a sketch pad and thought of the little man. He loves to scribble nonsense on paper so I decided to buy him the pad and a pack of washable markers as well. I thought it would be a good idea to give him the pad and a marker to play with while him and his father wait for me in the car while I did our grocery shopping. He was so happy when I handed him the present and started scribbling right away. I told him it was fine to play with it so long as he does not put the marker in his mouth. No sooner than I said the words and he had the blasted thing in his face. There was a dark line in his lip, his face and his hands. There was no time to clean him since we were on the second store to get our groceries so I strapped him in the shopping cart and off we went. A few people noticed his face and they commented that somebody got a hold of a marker and laughed at how funny he looked. He did look cute albeit a bit untidy. Thankfully the markers like what I said were washable so it came off easily when we got home. I am thinking of a substitute for the markers. Something that will not leave very visible marks but I am not familiar with things like that. If you can tell me what to get which should work good with the sketch pad I will be grateful. If nothing else I will just get him a pencil.

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