Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As part of child-proofing our place, we bought plastic knobs so the little man will not be able to get in the closet, the bathroom, or even try to slip outside without our notice. It proved to be effective for a long time since even if he knows how to get it open it does take time and effort on his part. Besides, he knows the knobs will be back after he took it off anyway. Recently though he had been using the plastic knobs against us. When we are taking naps and he does not want to, we allow him to play in his room provided the doors are open so we can hear him. Well, he reaches for the door knob and closes it shut much to his father's dismay. He tried to lock us in our room using the knobs that we installed in the first place. I must admit it is pretty smart for him to figure that out, especially when his father has a hard time opening doors and threatens to throw the plastic knobs in the trash, lol. As long as it is working though I will try to keep it for my piece of mind. And for my little boy's safety.

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