Sunday, April 12, 2009

bubbles, i yike it!

The little man was watching Nick Jr. when there was a commercial which showed bubbles and he looked at me and said, Bubbles, I yike it! He knows there are a few bottles of bubbles I hid in one of the closets. He is not allowed to play with it because he sometimes sucks his thumb and fingers and it is not safe for him. Besides it is kinda messy. I looked at him and asked, is that so? And he smiled. Well, that melted my resolve not to let him play with it so I got a bottle of bubbles and played with him. He was giggling trying to catch the bubbles and I was laughing at how silly we looked. We did have a good time and like my boy said, I yike the bubbles as well. It reminds me of my childhood only what I used was Mamsy's detergent which resulted to scoldings because she needs the detergents to wash the laundry and there was almost nothing left when I was done playing, lol. Those were the days. I will try to let him play more and quit worrying.

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Jennifer said...

I got my kids one of those automatic bubble machines for like $8 and huge bottle of the bubble stuff for like $3. Well worth it. They could play with those bubbles for hours.