Friday, March 13, 2009


The step-daughter for some reason thinks that there is something wrong with the little man. She makes me believe that the little man needs to be tested in case there is something wrong with his development. We were over her house the other day and she asked me questions pertaining to his reactions when I talk to him or tell him to bring things to me. She finds it odd that the little man will not look at her in the eyes which is so like him when he does not like a person or he is shy. She thinks there is something wrong with her brother. She even asked me if the little man ever looks at me in the eye which I answered yes especially when he wants something from me, lol. He is a charmer and knows what to do to melt our resolve on some things we told him he can't have or do. But anyway, this is not the first time she said something like this. Last year she also told me I should have the little man's hearing tested because he is not talking yet. But now that her son is two years old (he is five months younger than the little man) and not talking like a pro she gives it up but is now making me believe that my son may have autism and went on about how much I will get if there really is something wrong with him. I don't mean any offense on mothers of kids with autism but I would rather have the little man without problems than getting all the benefits she was talking about. I told her autism will not be very evident anyway until a kid turns three. Until then I will keep on believing that my boy is healthy and pray that he will start talking coherently before then. The husband is firm in his belief that his son is fine. We are around him often than most people so we should notice if something is off. I just hope she is wrong for my peace of mind.


ModernMommy said...

I'm sorry that she is making you feel like there is something wrong with your son.
My opinion is that getting tested cannot hurt. If there is any question in your mind at all the earlier you catch it the better. Child development professionals are making great improvements in catching autism earlier. I know that my pediatricians office started screening for it at 18 months! Maybe you can just ask your pediatrician if they have a checklist like my dd's doctor did on her?

poray said...

I am thinking of having him tested soon when I get the husband to agree to it. It is just annoying when the stepdaughter starts to compare my son to hers. I don't think she is happy that the little man already knew the alphabet or knew how to count before he turned two (among other things) and her son does not that she finds other things to discredit him. You're right though, it won't hurt to have a professional's opinion on the subject.