Monday, March 30, 2009

fun week with relatives

One of the husband's sister and her family visited us last week. It was a busy week of being with family coupled with therapy and doctor's appointments but we all had a good time. The little man enjoyed torturing his female cousins, lol. He loves his aunt and her family and it is apparent in the way he warmed up to them after just one day. He had fun with all kinds of toys they brought down for their trip especially the Nintendo DS and the portable DVD player which prompted me to look online for one I can buy for him. I don't know what to get though, both are expensive and I may need to save up more money to afford any of it. His cousin even said he wants one like the little man minus the mother. I don't blame him on not wanting the mother part, lol. It was a fun week and I now realize what I missed when we moved down South, being with family all the time. But then we have the visits to look forward to anyway so I guess it is fine. We are now back to our regular routine and I think the little man is getting bored by the day. He always wants the blinds to be open so he can look out the window. And when I tell him to get ready so we can go out he lets me put on his sandals without any objection. He probably thinks we will visit his aunt and her family again. Poor guy. I have to think of activities for him so he will not get bored.

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