Sunday, February 1, 2009

whining tot

When the little man got up from his nap yesterday he was whining even if I was holding him while we were sitting in the couch. I kept on asking him what was wrong which he answered with more whining. He was not crying but he had that whiny voice and I got worried because he normally does not do it when he wakes up from his nap. The husband who was sitting on the love seat told me to get one of our emergency lights (actually flashlights we have in certain areas in the house) and use it to check the little man's throat. He was afraid the little guy has strep. I did not get to check his throat though because he will not open his mouth and the husband cannot do anything to help me because he is sick himself. He just looked on and was as frustrated at me and the little man. He settled down after some time though and stopped whining. I guess he did not want to get up yet but something woke him up. That was the only explanation I can give because I don't really know what was wrong. But anyway, I am hoping the winter will pass without him getting sick. I can deal with him being rowdy as long as he is healthy all the time.


Barako Brew said...

Kids will have to get sick sometimes. :) It is even believed to be good, well not in an ideal way, but good just the same.

Just be glad it's just one of the ill effects of the untimely flu season. A change in weather patterns.

Still, I wish your kid gets better soon.

poray said...

He is not sick, thank goodness! He was unhappy because something woke him up when he was not ready to :)