Monday, February 16, 2009

mr. independent

As he gets older, the little man is acting independent. He wants to do things by himself. Instead of running to me to take his jacket off, he will wrestle with it even if it means bumping into things on the process. He would rather eat his lunch or dinner alone and when I try to help, he will not let go of the fork or spoon he is using. He likes to walk to the car instead of letting me carry him (this I like since he is getting heavy, lol). He insists on brushing his teeth after his bath. And I am almost sure if I let him, he would want to take his bath alone too which is a no-no for now. When we go anywhere it is not as hard as it used to because he is starting to mind even if sometimes he does not really want to. He does not allow me to kiss him in the lips anymore. He used to pucker his lips whenever I said mama wants a kiss. Not anymore. He gives me his forehead instead. He is growing up quick and is learning new words every day. We are proud of our little boy.

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