Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was planning to watch The 40 year old Virgin on DVD so I laid it out in the entertainment center thinking when I have the time I will sit down and enjoy the movie. When I had the time I could not find the DVD anymore. The case is still in the entertainment center but the CD was gone, nowhere to be found, nada. I asked the husband if he saw the little man play with it but he said there were a lot of DVD's (the little man's ABC and Barney) on the floor he did not know if there was anything out of the ordinary mixed in the chaos. I have tried to look in his toy box and bags but I still could not find it. Where oh where is the DVD when I need it? I know I should have followed my instinct and hide it before I use it. Now it is too late. Who knows where the little man stashed it? To think I just borrowed it from my SIL. I told her about losing it and she said it was fine. It was not! I really would like to watch it. Will you help me look? I hope it will turn up one day just like his old toys do.

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