Sunday, February 1, 2009

color segregation

I was busy in the kitchen last night dicing tomatoes and lettuce for our dinner so I did not have time for the little man who was playing with his rubber alphabet on one corner of the kitchen. Yes, he brings his toys and plays where the most traffic in the house is at. He was saying the letters and I just kept on saying good job while glancing at him from time to time. I then called my parents afterward to talk to them some more about the box we sent. When I was done all that (he had dinner before I did any of these) I went back to the kitchen to clean up and put food away. When I looked at his rubber alphabet I was amazed at what I saw. He segregated the letters according to colors! On one corner lie the green letters and the other the red ones which made me think that while he was saying the letters he was doing this as well. Isn't it amazing? I have taught him colors but most of the time he just smiles at me and closes his book which tells about colors and things. He loves to say yewo (yellow) though and hands me a yellow block at the same time. I am happy that even if he does not seem to be listening to me, he is absorbing what I teach him. I hope he will continue to learn because before long he will have to go to school. I am proud of my little boy.

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