Tuesday, February 10, 2009


After giving birth to the little man, I lost a few pounds and I actually looked good. I thought I will continue to do so and will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I was wrong. Two years later I realized I gained two pounds. I know it does not sound too much but if you add that to a barely five foot me it is very visible. I am afraid I will keep on gaining weight because I have been eating like a pig the last few weeks. I am always hungry. Add the fact that I am getting older, I am almost convinced I will be fat forever. Should I take diet pills or should I minimize eating? Honestly, it is hard to minimize my food intake. Hey, I eat like a pig remember? Even the husband said I will get more chunky if I keep on with what I am doing right now especially since we are always coped up in the house day in and day out. He said I am getting americanized in a way that my body is storing food up on winters like they do here. I want to get back to my weight three years ago. If I can do that I probably will feel better. The sister in law said I should try sit-ups and laughed when I said I can only do two and could not lift my body anymore after that. I am not very good in the exercise department at all. I don't have the stamina. Or maybe I just don't have the drive. I think it is time to start before though or just forget about getting back in shape ever.

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