Tuesday, January 6, 2009

woke up late

The husband and the little man woke up early this morning. If you consider 7am to be early, that is. I was still in la la land when the husband turned the light on and woke me up calling me sleeping beauty. When I asked where the little man was he said he was in the living room watching tv. Huh, he did not even wake me up which he normally does. He opted to be with his father than snuggle me in bed. Bad kid, eh? I got up to fix the husband's breakfast and lunch. And after he left for work, I fixed something for the little man as well. When that was done I got online and have been here checking my mails and updating my blogs at the same time surfing the web for just about anything from books to term life insurance to online videos of my favorite television series. I am multi tasking again and I actually think it is beneficial. I get to do things at the same time which cuts back my online hours. Anyway, I have to go and do some chores and then spend some time with the little man. I have to cook rice too because this Filipina is starving. Ciao!

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