Friday, January 30, 2009

screaming fits

The little man sometimes screams in the middle of his sleep when he skips his nap. I can always tell he will have screaming episodes a few hours after he goes to bed at night when he did not take his nap during the day. I wonder if he is dreaming or if he was just annoyed that he has to sleep when he could have spent the whole night playing. I don't have the answers so I am just guessing. I have to pacify him and make sure he knows I am just beside him until he settles down again. Last night he did just that while I was busy in the laundry room. He settled down quick though, went back to sleep again and did not wake up until past six this morning and only because it was so cold. The husband left the AC on last night and when we got up it was 64 degrees inside the house. Anyway, the little man is here playing with his trucks and waiting for Mama to finish what she is doing so they can snuggle in the couch. Which means I have to go now and spend some time with my little boy. I hope this screaming fits will go away because I don't like it even though it only happens from time to time.

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