Tuesday, January 20, 2009

problems with the little man

The little man is so full of energy. He climbs, he jumps, he runs into things including walls, and a lot of things besides. He has bruises mostly in his legs because he does not really care if he bumps himself as long as he is having a good time playing. He is rough. I hate to see the bruises and tried so hard to make him behave but can you really stop a little boy's intent? No, sir! Just last night he had an incident with an empty popcorn can which I do not know where he got from. The husband was angry for it happening right before our very eyes I thought he might be calling Seattle injury lawyer only we don't live in Seattle and the person involved was his son so it could have been somebody else he should call, right? I almost panicked only the husband was there so I stopped myself. Turned out, the little man was more shocked about what happened than anything else. He was just sleepy and might have dozed off. He was good again after a few minutes and did not go to bed until after an hour later. There was never even tears. That should teach me a lesson to make sure he is safe and to keep some things away from him which I deem not safe. Parenting 101 anyone?

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