Sunday, January 4, 2009

on climbing and making a mess

Nobody will beat the little man when it comes to climbing and making a mess. He is so full of energy and being coped up in the house most days, he thinks of things to do to pass time. He is pretty innovative too. I fear silence in this household because that means he is up to no good. I would rather hear him yelling and screaming at me than pure quite because who knows what will happen next. We were in our room reading a book earlier when he got out and got so quite. Well, his brother found him on his way up to the kitchen counter. Yes, he has been aiming for that particular spot for days now. In between the entertainment center, the dining table, and the counter, it is pretty much scary to even blink when he is awake.

He seems to like it when the living room is out of order. I mean, in chaos with toys and pots and pans all "arranged" side by side. It is a never ending task for me to try to put order in here but I am getting used to it. I just hope he will leave the computers and the microwave alone. He tore up the CD-ROM player on our old desktop even before it crashed. I guess I should say it was a good thing it crashed later on because the husband would have blamed it on me for not stopping his son. Another good thing is that although our monitor is not as slick as a Rackmount lcd it is pretty decent and hopefully will still work if we ever buy a new cpu. I used to think that when the little man gets more mobile I don't have to be keeping an eye on him all the time but I was wrong. If I used to be able to take a shower by putting him in the playpen before, it is impossible to do right now. He knows how to get out of it and I am afraid he will do something to hurt himself while I am in the bathroom. I have to wait for somebody to keep an eye on him or when he takes his nap which is sporadic at best. Well, I do have a bouncing baby boy and I love him to death so I will just have to deal with him, huh? I think I am getting good at it though there are times he still surprises me with new antics.

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