Monday, January 26, 2009

moving out

In maybe a week, the husband's son will move to his own place. He has been scouting for places to live and it seems like he already found one. We hope he will get accepted without problems. The new place is a little farther from work but it is nearer the college he is attending which is more important. We were shown the brochure of the place and it was decent enough. Actually, I like it given the fact that the apartment complex has an exercise room complete with exercise equipment like treadmill and stationary bikes. My dream place! If only we found it before but it seems like the place is new. It would have been nice to workout for free instead of going to the gym and having to pay for membership and drive all the way just to get to it. I am starting to get jealous, lol. He will go this Thursday to talk to somebody who works in the apartment complex and to hopefully sign the lease. I hope he gets it. He really needs a space of his own and I know he wants it too. Thankfully he got a pretty decent refund for the taxes he paid.

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