Friday, January 16, 2009

late nap

The stepdaughter came in to drop her kids so I can babysit them while she signed papers to close on their new home. Imagine watching two rowdy toddlers and a six month old. After an hour I was ready to call for back up, lol. The little girl was so sweet and slept most of the time. The little man and his nephew were another story. They wanted to play with the same toy yet when one gave up the toy the other eventually gave it up as well. They ran around after each other and climbed up on the coffee table and I had to haul them off before either one fall. I almost had a headache especially when the little man started screaming because he was so sleepy. He was late for his two pm nap. It escalated when his nephew bit him twice. I was so mad at myself for not seeing it happen. I made sure they stayed away from each other after that. A few minutes after the kids were picked up, the little man passed out while sitting beside me in the couch. He is still asleep right now but I have to wake him up before seven so he won't be up all night.

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