Friday, January 9, 2009

if only...

The little man is still up. I can tell he is so sleepy but he refuses to take a nap so I gave up staying in our room and went back to the living room and let him watch cartoons. It is already late anyway so I hope he will not take a nap anymore, that way he will go to bed early like last night. I hate to argue with him because he whines and then screams like I am beating him, lol. So I let him be just to prevent argument. I can never win with this little fellow. If only he will listen to what I say and takes his naps like a good boy, I will be very happy. I probably will celebrate complete with the best wine of the month just to reward myself. But no, he does not listen to me. Or if he does, it is very seldom. I attribute it to the fact that he is only two years old and is very defiant like me. So I guess I only have myself to blame. I hope he will get better as he gets older. I don't want a submissive son but I want somebody who listens to us especially if what we want will be for his own benefit.

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